The vision for GoTrackHealth is to create a single place to manage the health and wellness needs for all the family

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Your Health Professionals

And to link to your Health Professionals

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Health Professional View

Health professionals can see all their patients at a glance, with the status of completion of tasks (moments) updates and notifications in real time

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Record the personalised treatment plan that you have created with your health professional.

Create moments throughout the day for you to heal your mind and body (with a little help from your smartphone)

Set reminders to complete and record when the tasks have been completed.

Notifications can be sent to your health professional.




Next Steps...

In the future we plan to allow searches for health professionals in your area and to expand the tasks and moments that are recorded. Are you interested in using the app? Would you like to answer a survey to help us to improve our idea? Are you willing to help with development, ideas, sponsorship?